The Word Bible Software

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The onset of the digital world has created much changes in the way we live. In the past century all books are in the form of ink written or typed on paper while today books are more often called e-books which are not on paper but on digital screens like laptops, desktops and mobile phones.

Technology has made life easier yet it also has its drawbacks.

However we can make the best advantage of technology on our study of the Word of God. Concordance, cross references, dictionaries, various versions and translations can now be very easily obtained for free. This resources used to be thousands and hundreds of thousands of worth of books.

A bible software can now be downloaded for free courtesy of the , you can visit the site, download the Word Software and install it in your windows based PC or Laptop, you can also download for free various translations and other resources. There are however some translations. modules or downloadables that requires some fee.

The software is developed by a person and is not affiliated with any organization, denomination, or sect nor sendorses any particular of these. The contents of course is from mainstream Christianity.

If you have any inquiries on the matter visit the site:   or in any matter you would wish to contact us let us know in our contact form.