The Novel Corona Virus 2019 marks an unprecedented catastrophe in the modern time that spread like a wildfire from one nation to another, taken thousands of lives and drastic changes to both the economy and human lifestyle all over the world. The Philippines, since its first case on January 30 with a tourist from the province of China where the virus originated followed by the first local transmission of a man without travel history abroad, President Rodrigo Duterte declared Public Health Emergency in the whole country placing the entire NCR in an Enhance Community Quarantine, later on, boarders of other provinces are shutdown including Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental to support the National Government to contain and flatten the curve of the virus.

The outbreak of Covid19 has led to the closure of businesses, schools, public and private institutions leaving only supermarkets, financial institutions, health facilities and pharmacies to operate as a backbone and a force fighting the pandemic. During these challenging times and seeing the severe demand for prayers, services, shelter, equipment, facilities and food, Middlemen, Fundraisers, and other Nonprofit organizations were formed to help those who are greatly affected by the enhance community quarantine—the daily wage earners, the homeless, and the frontliners in the City. A certain group of individuals has stepped up to organize a fundraising campaign for the pedaled cab drivers in Guihulngan who only depend on their source of living in paddling trisikad (bicycle mounted with sidecar) in the hot streets of the city. With the local government’s stay-at-home and social distancing protocols, they are forced to stay at home living with their family in fear and hunger.

Earlier on March 18, 2020, a plea for “Sikad Driver Fundraising Campaign” led by a group of youth was posted and multitudinously shared on Facebook and has garnered numerous donors who selflessly extended their blessings for their fellow Guihulnganons facing the financial strain. After a few days of the buying and packing of goods, on the sunny day of March 20, 2020, the group was able to distribute packs of goods to 95 recipients.

Certainly, the end for this health crisis battle is not determined; the struggles of the government officials and the heroic life and death battle of front liners every day are unpredicted. Somehow, through the efforts of these individuals, a happy heart, glittered eyes and lips smiling are seen from the recipients, and those acts of gratitude vibrantly shine to give us hope to move forward and keep on fighting.