Broadcasting has been one of the media that is effective in reaching out to people and sharing the gospel to the communities.

While internet broadcast is the trending way to reach people as we digitize or information channels FM broadcast is still one of the cheapest way for people to hear information, though it entails a higher cost of operation for the transmitters.

Our broadcast ministry is geared towards using the FM Broadcast to spread the gospel, share testimonies, share inspiring music, and keeping the community connected to God’s words and people.

We will also be adopting, online broadcasting platforms simultaneously with the local broadcast.

Our partnership with UCB Media Philippines through its Christian Music Power, Inc. broadcast franchise has made it possible for us to operate and maintain an FM broadcast Station in Guihulngan City , Negros Oriental, Philippines under station license DYCI FM – EDGE RADIO and technically operated by licensed Professional Electronics Engineer and 1st Class Radio Telephone Operator as required under law.

In as much as we have incurred major damages during the December 2021 Typhoon, we are still in the process of reviving our local broadcast facilities. We are appealing to our partners for help, thanks to our partners and donors in Australia and other parts of the world.

We welcome believers in our Lord JEsus Christ who would want to support or serve in the broadcast ministry. You can reach us using the contact form via SMS +639687713888 or email through

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